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The Best Car Gadgets for Commuters

September 17, 2015, 10:26 am


Commuting is hard work. It can drain you, frustrate you, bore you and make driving feel like a chore. However, there are a few gadgets that can make your car an absolute pleasure to drive on your daily grind.

To give you an idea of what you can put in your car to make your journey more enjoyable, here are our best suggestions.

Smart Driving Assist

Make sure that your car is giving you the best return on fuel efficiency and that the engine is working perfectly with Smart Driving Assist. This modification allows you to monitor your car, as it provides you with a wealth of data including fuel consumption, engine diagnostics and ensuring everything is working as it should be.

In-Car WiFi

Stay connected with portable WiFi for your car. This gives you a personal hotspot, meaning that you never have to miss an email, notification or use up all your mobile data on navigation again. You can get 4G and 3G WiFi devices, which are brilliant if you do a lot of travelling for business.


If you part in some pretty questionable areas then the CarLock is an essential. It detects activity around your car and alerts you the moment anything suspicious happens. This covers everything from car theft to someone driving into you or even if your vehicle is being clamped/ towed.

Heated Steering Wheel Cover


Beat those cold winter morning commutes with a fully heated steering wheel cover. There’s nothing worse than not being able to grab the steering wheel without thinking that your hands are going to freeze to it – this cover eliminates that, keeping your hands nice and toasty on your journey.

Improved Speaker System

Standard car speakers can be quite tinny and hollow sounding, which is a bit rubbish if you like your music to have a clear, crisp sound to it. Upgrading your car’s speaker system to something better will make your daily commute sound much better!

No Blind Spot Rear View

Are you a rubbish parker or do a lot of inner city driving? The No Blind Spot Rear View mirror does exactly what it says on the tin – eliminates blind spots! This is a great little device for making parking and driving that little bit easier and less stressful. It’s relatively inexpensive and can have a huge impact on your daily commute, so it’s well worth it if this is something you struggle with.

GPS Homing Device

Always forgetting where you parked? If it changes on a daily basis then it’s very easy to do this. A simple GPS homing device can make this problem disappear entirely – just get your smartphone out and it will give you step by step directions to where you parked your car.



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