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Nathaniel Cars

Based in Bridgend, South Wales, we have over 38 years of experience and are committed to helping you sell your car fast, in a safe and easy way, whilst providing the best possible customer experience. We will travel to you if it is within 30 miles or an hour's travel from Bridgend.

Sell Your Car Fast!

Sell Your Car Online 

At Cashpoint4Cars we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to sell your car, with a fast turnaround and money transferred directly into your bank account.

You can make the initial enquiry to sell your car online, then we're happy to communicate through email, text, phone call or in person – whatever suits you. We'll then come out to see the car and give it a check to ensure it is as stated and then we'll buy your car on the spot, with money transferred into your account the same day.

Factors Affecting Price of Car 

There are many variables that will affect the price that we will pay for your vehicle. In order to be transparent, here is an overview of the things that we consider when pricing up your car:

• Age – generally the older the car, the more it depreciates
• Mileage – low mileage cars generally retain their value better
• Condition – if the vehicle needs repairs then it won't be worth as much
• Number of owners – a high number of previous owners can bring the price down
• Service history – full service history helps to keep resale value higher
• Modifications – depending on the mods, this could bring the price up or down
• Timing – as the used car market fluctuates so too will the prices we pay

Unlike other car buying agencies, we are happy to negotiate prices which means that you could end up with a better price than initially quoted. We're not out to rip anyone off, we're here to offer a fast and easy car buying service that makes it simple for you to sell your car.

Selling to Cashpoint4Cars 

We take all these factors into account before offering you a price on your vehicle, helping you avoid being quoted one price and paid another. If you're happy with the quote we provided then our experienced buyer will examine the car to ensure it is as stated and we can buy your car there and then.

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