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Based in Bridgend, South Wales, we have over 38 years of experience and are committed to helping you sell your car fast, in a safe and easy way, whilst providing the best possible customer experience. We will travel to you if it is within 30 miles or an hour's travel from Bridgend.

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How to Sell SORN and Untaxed Cars


If you have a SORN (statutory off road notification) or untaxed vehicle, then selling it can become a little bit tricky. There are several different ways that you can sell a vehicle that is in this situation, to give you the best idea about the process involved.

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Can you sell a car with a smashed windscreen?

Broken Windscreen

Nobody wants to spend money on their car if they are planning on selling it, but what are the financial implications of selling a car with a smashed windscreen? To help you make an informed decision, here is a brief overlook on how this can affect you.


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You won’t believe these ridiculous reasons for selling a car!

Untrendy Car

Most people sell their car for a pretty good reason, but other people clearly have more money than sense. If you’re thinking about selling your car but don’t think you have a good enough excuse to, then here are some of the most ridiculous reasons there has ever been for people to sell their car.

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Is Your Old Car Killing You and Your Lover?


Are you driving around in a death trap without even realising it? Everyone knows that cars have a potential danger when it comes to collisions, but there’s more to it than just that.

Here are just a few freaky ways that your old car could kill you:

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Does Your Micra Cost the Same to Run as a Porsche?


When you start to add everything together you may be surprised by just how much you’re car is costing you.

To give you a comparative idea of running costs, let’s compare the costs of running an old Nissan Micra to a new Porsche Panamera.

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