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Cashpoint4Cars Buy Rugby Star, Mike Philips’, Audi TT

September 7, 2015, 4:36 pm


At Cashpoint4Cars, we make a point of buying vehicles off absolutely anyone from your average Joe up to international rugby stars! Now though, we are delighted to say that we’ve helped Mike Philips have an easy move back to France by purchasing his Audi TT from him.

Our service is fast and easy to use, giving you a competitive price and eliminating all the hassle that’s typically associated with selling a car. When you have important matters like international rugby matches and training to attend, being able to sell your car quickly is essential.

International rugby star, Mike Philips, said: “When I was looking to move back to France I knew I wouldn’t be taking my car with me, so I wanted to sell it with as little hassle as possible. The quote I received from Cashpoint4Cars was exactly what I was looking for, offering me a competitive price and a quick sale with no unnecessary hassle.”

“Being a friend and customer of Nathaniel Cars for several years now, I knew that I could trust their sister company, Cashpoint4Cars, to deliver a great service and I wasn’t wrong. From my initial enquiry, I only dealt with Richard, who walked me through the entire process from start to finish – it’s never been so easy to sell a car before!” he continued.

Richard at Cashpoint4Cars said, “It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet Mike Philips and buy his Audi TT off him. In this job I’ve met a lot of people and some really enjoyable chats, but this is the first time I’ve got to meet a sports star like Mike Philips.”

“Despite being a legend in Wales, we gave Mike the same treatment as everyone else as I always aim to give the best service possible. The sale itself was very straight forward and quick, I gave him a price, he agreed, documents were exchanged, papers signed and that was that. No hassle and one less thing for Mike to think about when moving to France.”

Selling Your Car When Moving Abroad

If you’re looking to sell your car so that you can move abroad, then talk to Cashpoint4Cars today. We buy all types of vehicles.  Find out how much we’ll pay by entering your reg number online today.

We have no hidden costs, no admin fees and we can pick up your vehicle if it isn’t roadworthy for whatever reason. In addition to this, we aim to complete the sale as quickly as possible and we pay you on the same day we complete the sale.


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