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Seven Videos of The World’s Best Drivers

August 3, 2015, 10:23 am


As much as we hate to admit it, some people are just better drivers than others. You only have to watch Formula 1 for a couple of minutes to realise that you’re never going to be Sebastian Vettle and you probably wouldn’t be able to react at 170mph let alone negotiate corners and competition!

So with that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the world’s best drivers. Not just those who drive for a living, but also just your average person who happens to be awesome behind the wheel.

#1 This Volvo Truck Driver

Normally, if you’d ever have heard someone call a truck agile you’d have laughed in their face but this. Wow, this is something else! This is probably one of the most hardcore truck obstacle courses in existence and not only does he fly through it, he makes it look easy!

#2 Crazy Awesome Parking

Parking is a very important skill when you’re a driver, but some people take this to whole new levels. Like this man, who has parked his car in a space that’s so tight it looks like only a miracle would get it out – you really have to check this one out for yourself.

#3 Precision Fork Lift Truck

It isn’t always about the driving, sometimes being able to use your vehicle like a finely honed tool is essential and I’ve never seen anyone do it better than this fork lift truck driver. It’s a shame the video isn’t higher quality, but the skill shown here is absolutely through the roof!

#4 Parking Competition

Forget driving fast, it’s all about how tightly you can handbrake turn into a parallel parking space. Needless to say, this is awesome and these guys are incredibly skilled – DO NOT try this at home, you’ll probably break lots of things.

#5 Good Driving or Just Crazy

Not entirely sure this one fits in here, but its just so darn impressive! Not only does he drive for a fair old way on two wheels, they actually take the old wheels off and put new ones on all while driving along. Definitely don’t try this at home or anywhere… this takes a lot of skill, planning and a fair bit of stupidity.

#6 Dangerous Drifting

For those not in the know, drifting is where you push your car out past its comfort zone until the wheels physically start to slide. You then take control of this skid in order to smoothly make your way around sharp corners. This is a seriously impressive skill that few people manage to master, but in the video above you’ll see some drivers who are above and beyond when it comes to drifting.

#7 Ken Block

You simply cannot have a list of the world’s best drivers without including Ken Block in it. He embodies precision driving, drifting effortlessly through the corners and flying through the air then negotiating difficult obstacles. If you aren’t blown away by his driving skills here then you should probably sell your car and take up something more extreme like jumping out of a plane into a volcano while riding a shark.


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