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Is Your Old Car Killing You and Your Lover?

October 23, 2015, 10:39 am


Are you driving around in a death trap without even realising it? Everyone knows that cars have a potential danger when it comes to collisions, but there’s more to it than just that.

Here are just a few freaky ways that your old car could kill you:

While Enjoying the Finer Things

There is a recent case of one couple being killed by carbon monoxide poisoning from their car while they made love. While you may not frequent in this particular activity yourself, the reason this happened is actually quite startling – the exhaust pipe was rusted.

The rust created a hole that saw carbon monoxide leaking into the cabin, killing the couple. This is a real risk for old cars as this could happen to anyone during a long journey – you don’t just have to be enjoying hanky-panky, an hour in the car without the windows open can be dangerous!

Not Quite Up to Standard

Modern safety features have all been brought in as a method of preventing injury and death in a crash. Unfortunately, the way a lot of these changes have been brought in is by examining the things that went wrong with previous models of the car – yep, that means that you’re basically a Guinea pig.

Old cars have much less safety technology and equipment installed, making them more risky if you get into a crash. While this may not be a hazard with regular driving, you do need to be aware that you and your passengers won’t be as safe as you would be in a modern vehicle.

In Need of a Clean

Is your car so old that a dust cloud shoots up every time you sit down? This can be extremely dangerous to asthmatics and can even lead to breathing problems in children and the elderly. Often, the cushioning in the seat can disintegrate – not only ruining your comfortable drive – but launching potentially harmful particles in the air.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, if your car’s rubber seals break then you may start noticing damp within the vehicle. This can lead to a build-up of mould within the vehicle, depending on the type and location of this mould it can be harmful to your health. Black mould on your seats for example can be extremely harmful to your health so being enclosed with it isn’t the best idea!



No Way to Adjust

While it may not be killing you, not being able to adjust your seat properly can do serious damage to your body. One of the most common problems with old cars is a lack of lumbar support, which can put a lot of pressure on your back and pelvic areas. Not only is this likely to hurt in the short term, but it can develop into long term issues that may require surgery to fix.

Something that’s a bit more serious is the ability to adjust your seatbelt, which is something that certain old cars lack. If this is the case then you may not be able to safely adjust your belt, which can be dangerous in a crash as it may be too high or too low on your torso, restricting your breathing or crushing your abdominal area.

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